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DTMA 2012

DTMA 2012 (D'Troonz Maya Adfriendture 2012) is an event to celebrate the anniversary of the 3rd, the TrooperNusantara or Malang Trooper Coordinator (Tromaya).

The term stands Adfriendture is Advance, Friendship & Adventure, which means:
Expected with the holding of the event DTMA 2012, to advance the off-road adventure in Indonesia, especially in Malang.
Expected with the holding of the event in 2012 to strengthen the brotherhood DTMA, not only among members of Trooper Nusantara, but all lovers of off-road adventure in Indonesia.
Expected with the holding of the event DTMA 2012, can provide adventure and new experiences for friends offroad adventure lovers in Indonesia.
Adventure is Trooper Nusantara characteristic from Malang, as one enthusiast of Adventure and to introduce tourism potential in Malang, to the offroad community in Indonesia in particular, and the tourists who visit Malang in general.


DTMA 2012 was held on 13-14 October 2012, with the start of 'Balai Latihan Kerja'(BLK) Singosari, Malang regency and finish in Coban Talun natural tourist sites, Kota Batu.
This event, divided into 2 route for the Main class and class Adventure.

DTMA participants exceeded 130 participants, not only from the Trooper Nusantara Club, but also from another club. And makes memorable event, participants not only from the surrounding and Malang area, but from other provinces, start from Sumatra and Bali.

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