Senin, 24 Juni 2013

Bengkung Expedition

Expedition bengkung beach ... definitely a thought is its weight and the natural beauty. Really tiring trip, but satisfied when he reached the destination. Modangan is start location on the beach, located on the border with Malang, Blitar regency, precisely in the District Donomulyo, 65 km north west of the city of Malang.
Luwak4x4adventure team along with friends from the community Trooper Nusantara tried to explore the southern region. Due to the location away from the malang city, we had to camp on the beach modangan in order to continue the journey to the coast of bengkung which still must be taken 17 miles down the south coast to the east.

The previous night, rain in the modangan beach. So as you can imagine, how difficult the terrain, is said many narrow steep climbs and muddy beaches. in there despite the hot weather, that time tends rain.
wuow...!!!It turned out really, our trip to the beach bengkung increasingly difficult due to its terrain is narrow, steep and muddy. Expedition team falling-up.

we're with frequent recovery vehicle stuck. We skirted the edge of a narrow gorge uphill. This was coupled with a muddy slippery slope. Not infrequently his winch a work hard to be able to save us from the obstacle. Thus, many owned winch, suddenly broken and not working.

One by one, the barriers for heading to the beach we pass. The time has showed around WIB 4 pm. finally arrived at the location of the hidden of bengkung beach.
the cliff that has a unique structure, rarely found in other locations south coast. Moreover, the beach is rarely visited, it than the locals know.
one word for bengkung beach ... wuooow!!!

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