Senin, 28 November 2011

Armada Adventure Offroad(AAO), 26-27 November 2011

This event to commemorate the birthday of the Indonesian Navy. Twice already the event was held and became an annual event the navy. Now, the AAO held with start in Koarmatim (Surabaya) and finish in Pacet(Mojokerto).
personally, we became part of this event, is to be the committees particularly in the field of rescue.
1'st day, our job is located in the "Perahu Mountain", to guardand to rescue participants. hot and boring, because waiting for participants who have not been up to. at around 14:15 WIB, hear a vehicle engine from a long distance and one by one they passed us. heheheehe.....because the conditions steep road and has a slope of about 45 degrees, it takes guts and good mentality to get through this pathway. so, in here seen where an experienced and where is not.
apart from it all, at this location becomes an interesting spectacle, and not boring. some jumping and some even fall. Great track for 4x4 ride.....hehehe.

in 2'nd day, at around 07.00 WIB, we're preparation in the Final location is in the pine forests in tourist areas Padusan, Pacet, Mojokerto Residence. In here, participants will compete to compete in speed off-road , with the circuit have been prepared by the committee.
contour soil bumpy, steep and short corners, making many of the participants who have difficulty passing this sircuit....great jobs guys....hehehe

atmosphere of competition has been felt since the competition began, because every offroaders want to show to be the best. but, Because of lack of caution accident finally happened like a tumble accident mr. Vinny and Mr. Zainal car. but it did not dampen the guts of the offroader. after going through a long and grueling process, finally the competition is ending with a winner is Dr Eri from Surabaya.
Good jobs guys....,remember...the priority is friendship.

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